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Eligibility Assessment

The biggest problem with tackling the migration process alone is self assessment. Most people will try and adjust their circumstances to fit with migration policy because they want to believe they are eligible, and end up with costly, failed applications.

If you would like to find out if you are eligible to move to New Zealand, MoveToNZ recommends getting your eligibility assessed independently by licensed advisers.

Licensed advisers are trained professionals who can assess your case on its own merits. Assessments differ widely between advisers - some offer simple, free assessments which at best tell you that you 'may' be eligible and you should hand over a heap of cash to find out for sure, others charge a small fee upfront and give you a definitive answer.

MoveToNZ recommends New Zealand Shores as its professional migration partner. Why? For a start, MoveToNZ receives no payment for this recommendation - we didn't want any. Our referals only come from proven customer service, not how big the referal fee is - we happily drop companies whos customer service level drops below our standards.

New Zealand Shores principle consultant, Sarah Coombes, is renowned in the industry for her experience and professionalism. Take a visit to their website, and check them out. They charge a small fee to be assessed, which is refunded if you choose to use their full visa service! For that fee you take a comprehensive assessment, and get a personalised report on what visas you are eligible for and what to do next. The small charge is worth the peace of mind!

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